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Who We Are


Everybody Loves Solar, is a family based business that have been operating in the Solar industry from the very start. We understand the high cost demands on using power on a day to day basis, and we can definitely facilitate peoples needs to reduce and in some cases eliminate their power bills. We also believe the constant threat on our planets carbon usage, and we encourage anyone who wants to contribute to their global future by installing Solar which in turn benefits our children's children and the generations to come.

Everybody Loves Solar have installed many many systems. In particular in South East Qld. Everybody Loves Solar were the pioneers of Solar in the early days and have installed literally thousands of systems since the beginning. Initially installing 1.0KW systems in retirement resorts were our forte, and increasing them to 1.5KW size systems as they became cost effective. 


As the population became more aware and better educated on how Solar works, bigger systems were in demand. 3KW, 4KW and 5KW systems were unheard of when first introduced into Australia,  but as electricity costs increased over the years bigger sized systems have been the preferred option for house hold users. Especially since batteries will be a major factor in energy supply as they become more cost effective in the future.

The bigger the size system you install now, the more charging capabilities you will have for your battery storage! 

The Gov't rebate has also favoured bigger systems as Solar has matured in this country and still does to this very day. 

We at ELS only use the best Sub Contractors for our installations. Including public liability and Clean Energy Council accredited .

At ELS, we look forward to sharing with you a brighter future, as we work together to help each other.